F2 Environmental Design
  F2 Environmental Design, F2ED, is a collaboration between architect/designer Andrea Filippone and environmentalist/sustainable landscape guru Eric T Fleisher.The company was born out of their shared vision of combining modern classic design, in the European tradition, with ecologically sound scientific practice and principles. Together Filippone and Fleisher have over Fifty years of experience in the design, restoration, installation, and maintenance of Landscapes.  

Andrea J. Filippone is the Landscape Designer/Partner for F2 Environmental Design, bringing together the finest elements of design with ecologically sound scientific practice. Ms Filippone is a former professor at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and principle in the Firm Tendenze Design, which focuses on Architecture and Interiors. Ms Filippone’s career has been centered on design and how it can enhance the health and beauty of the environment. This is evidenced by her offices which include a five acre boxwood nursery containing more than 50 cultivars, including a closed loop composting system, and glass greenhouses powered by solar voltaic and thermal panels... yes this can all be done in aesthetically pleasing way.


Eric T. Fleisher is the director of horticulture at Battery Park City Parks Conservancy (BPCPC) in lower Manhattan and partner in the firm F2 Environmental Design. A national leader in the field of sustainable horticulture, Fleisher has brought this 37-acre oasis of parkland on the Hudson River to the forefront as the only public garden space in New York City to be maintained completely organically. A frequent lecturer on sustainable practices, Fleisher also serves as a consultant to Harvard University, the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Conservancy in Boston, Bowdoin College, Swarthmore College, and Mount Auburn Cemetery among other organizations. A 2008 Loeb Fellow at Harvard University, Fleisher is continuing to develop protocols to help landscapes recover from the 20th century's chemical interventions.

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