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F2 Environmental design has developed its approach to designing, building, and managing landscapes over the past twenty five years. We pride ourselves in utilizing the same rigourous scientific methods of data collection and diagnosis across all projects, while implementing our techniques differently based upon the environmental conditions unique to each site. Our natural approach improves nutrient and moisture availability and retention, suppresses disease, aerates the soil, and degrades harmful pollutants in the environment.

The images below show a range of what can be expected from our services.
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Harvard Yard - Cambridge, MA


Harvard Compost Tea Video

Harvard yard soils restoration project summary report - 2-25-09


Control Plot - less than 3 inches of Root Depth

Compost Tea Application Area - 6 inches of Root Depth

One of the easily quantifiable means of determining the health of large areas of lawn is to measure root depth. More developed root systems have access to more available nutrients, respond better to stress, and require less water. Above are the results of the control plot and the plot that was treated with organic biological amendments. The difference in health is clearly visible.




Rose F. Kennedy Greenway - Central Artery above the "Big Dig" - Boston, MA

Lawns before liquid biological amendment. Root depth 3 inches

Lawns after 3 liquid biological amendment applications. Root depth 16 inches


Boxwood in early spring, stressed to point of needing to be replaced.

After 2 applications of liquid biological amendment, boxwood have fully recovered.

Brooklyn Bridge Park - New York City

Trees set in temporary nursery - maintained organically

Tree roots after 6 months and 3 injections of liquid biological amendment

For more detailed information see our Pojects Page.  


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