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F2 combines the highest aesthetics of design with the science of environmental sustainability. This holistic approach creates an ebb and flow between functionality and design that results in landscapes that are not only beautiful but self sustaining. Scroll down for more information on our consultation, management , and restoration services as well as lectures given by Andrea J Filippone & Eric T Fleisher.



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F2 Environmental Design provides consultations to public gardens and high end residential clients. We begin each consultation with a site visit where we analyze the soil and plant environment and form long-term organic solutions to restore the natural nutrient cycle.
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Consultations | Management | Restoration | Lectures



F2 begins every management project by analyzing the soil environment and determining the best solution to organically restore the natural nutrient cycling capacity of that specific soil environment. This environmental restoration improves nutrient and moisture availability and retention, suppresses disease, aerates the soil, degrades harmful pollutants and ensures the long-term success of the design.

F2 utilizes unique blends of Compost Tea in our management services. Compost tea is a liquid biological amendment created from a combination of different composts, specific to the type and needs of the plant material. The process consists of first placing compost in a water medium. Next, oxygen is added via an air pump, which diffuses the compost and encourages beneficial organisms from the compost to enter the water. Finally, both fungal and bacterial foods are added to the water so the organisms can grow and multiply. These foods include fish emulsion, kelp, molasses, soy or wheat flour, and humic acid. The result is a brew that is full of beneficial soil organisms. During the brewing process, bacterial populations, on average, double every half hour.

Compost tea, when applied properly, helps to correct imbalances that may exist in the soil. Applications are particularly beneficial for trees and lawns for which a high percentage of organic matter is undesirable, but which need the beneficial organisms. 

By encouraging a diverse, balanced microbial soil environment, we build an effective natural nutrient cycling system, avoiding the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.


F2 provides both one time management services as well as routine maintenance.


Consultations | Management | Restoration | Lectures


For fabulous gardens in need of a complete overhaul we offer specialized restoration. In this process we install new custom blended soils, drainage & irrigation. We restore existing plants and select new cultivars to complete the design. Plant palates are selected to suit the environment and carefully placed to consider their continual evolution and natural growth patterns. Custom blends of compost and liquid biological amendments often referred to as compost tea are prepared for the specific needs of each landscape. Our process results in projects with unrivaled health and vitality for years to come.
Before Restoration The Restoration Process
After Restoration

Consultations | Management | Restoration | Lectures


Lecture topics:

Boxwood Overview
Organic Land Management
Deer Resistant Plantings
Compost & Compost Tea
Soil Management
Pruning Boxwood

Consultations | Management | Restoration | Lectures


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